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Composition Roof Installations for Residential Roofs


A composition roof, or shingle roof, is one of the most popular roofing systems in the United States. More than three-fourths of the homes in the country have composition roofs made from asphalt or fiberglass shingles. Even a large number of businesses have their roofing companies install composition roof or shingle roof for them.

If you are interested in getting a composition roof or shingle roof installed in your home, Taff Roofing, Inc. is the expert to call. We offer high-quality shingle roof installation services that few roofing companies can match.

Our exceptional expertise and vast experience in installing composition roofs has made us one of the leading roofing companies for shingle roof installation for residential roofs. Come to us for composition roof installation services that offer the best in:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Customer service

What Are the Benefits of a Shingle Roof?


The popularity of composition shingle roof is not without reason. A shingle roof offers several benefits, such as:

  • Elegant appearance
  • Weather-resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy customization

With shingles available in a multitude of sizes, designs, textures and colors, you can have a composition roof or shingle roof that suits your aesthetic preferences and architectural design requirements. We offer impeccable composition roof installation with top-grade shingles to help you enjoy all the benefits of a shingle roof. With our services a phone call away, you simply don’t need to go searching for other roofing companies to install your shingle roof.

Roofing Companies are Not All the Same - Why Choose Us?


As with all other roofing systems, composition roofs are only as good as the roofing companies that install them. And, not all roofing companies are the same. There are many roofing companies striving for your business, and you must evaluate all the roofing companies carefully to pick the right one.

We end your confusion over roofing companies for composition roof or shingle roof installation by offering our unmatched services for the job. We score over the other roofing companies with our:

  • In-depth knowledge of composition roof systems
  • Skilled technicians with extensive training in working on shingle roof systems
  • Cutting-edge tools for installing composition roof or shingle roof

We also offer something else that most other roofing companies don’t. We come to your composition roof installation job with a genuine commitment to delivering quality and ensuring your 100% satisfaction. Call (360) 886-7125 to hire Taff Roofing, Inc. for installing composition roof.